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Media Coverage of CommFest2012

Greetings! Below of the news clippings are media coverage of CommFest2012. They are all from newspaper, online news and magazine.


1. NSTP 4th October 2012

2. Berita Harian 18th October 2012

3. Inkslingers news clipping October Issue

4.  SJ Echo 26th October 2012

Post Event

1. KL Vision

2. New Straits Time Post 1 (Online)

3. New Straits Time Post 2 (Online)

4. SJ Echo page

5. Taylor's Inkslingers November Issue

5. New Sunday Times 25th November 2012

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Greetings from proPassion Communications! Another week has passed and CommFest2012 has ended successfully on the last Wednesday, 31st Oct 2012. Did you participate in CommFest 2012? Hopefully each and everyone of you enjoyed during our event. 

Let's flashback to the event day, our stage has successfully setup with the backdrop mounted. In case you're wondering, the gigantic iPhone was our launch gambit. A big thank you to Taylor's University School of Communication and all the generous sponsors that have made CommFest2012 a great success!

Our VIPs of the day! From left: Mr.Bala (Deputy Dean of Taylor's University School of Communication), Mr.Patrick Wee (Managing Director of MyPartners Sdn Bhd) and Ms Josephine Tan (Dean of Taylor's University School of Communication)

From left: Mr.Jason Lo (Chief Executive Director of TuneTalk Sdn Bhd),  Mr.Pradeep Nair (Deputy Vice Chancellor of Taylor's University), Mr.Nabil Jeffri (National Youth Icon) & Ms.Josephine Tan during the launch ceremony of CommFest2012.

A very big thanks to Mr Nabil Jeffri (National Youth Icon) for gracing CommFest 2012 by presence. He is the youngest person in history to drive a Formula One car in an official test (Lotus Racing) on the 2nd Sept 2012 while he was only 16 years old.

Miss Malaysia 2010 pageant in China, Miss  Nadia Heng graced CommFest 2012 too! For your information, she was a Taylorian who enrolled Diploma in Communication. She was majoring in Public Relations, graduated with the honor of best student award!

Mr. Jason Lo --CEO of Tune Talk gave his speech about how social media influences everyone life today. during the launch ceremony of CommFest 2012. He was a Malaysian music artist, music producer, DJ and now an entrepreneur. It was an interesting speech indeed! Thanks for supporting CommFest2012.

Mr. Pradeep Nair, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Taylor's University gave the welcome speech for CommFest2012.

Here we go, all the VIPs were ready to begin the launch ceremony. From left: Mr.Nabil Jeffri, Mr.Patrick Wee, Prof. Perry Hobson, Mr.Pradeep, Ms.Josephine, Miss.Nadia Heng & Miss.Emily Chan.

Ready? In 3..2..1..Once Mr.Pradeep touched the iPhone, video of Social-Lympics has began. The video was well done as it really brought out the theme of Social-Lympics, which is social media with sports.

Here comes the The Rebels Cheerteam  right after our official launch for CommFest2012! The Rebels did a fabulous opening performance. Photo shown as cheerleaders were holding iPad which showed the alphabet of C O M M F E S T 2012 ! They had also performed great dances to hype the crowd up. 'The Rebels' is an independent co-ed cheerleading team based in Cheras, KL. For any cheerleading performance enquiries, please do not hesitate to email >>> <<< for more information.

VIPs were entertained by performances during the launching ceremony.

After the first performance by The Rebels, here we came a group of Hip Hoppers dancing performance, they also performed the most trending song around the global--Oppa Gangnam Style, Hyuna's version! It was pretty hilarious and entertaining, indeed!

The last performance during our launching ceremony has brought to a climax, brought to you by the Dhol Federation.

It was really a fantastic drum performance!!

Photographers and the media of CommFest2012!

After the awesome drum performance, our highlight activity of the day, InstaRace was ready to flag off from the stage. Staff and lecturer teams were fully ready to compete with student teams in order to win the grand prizes. The atmosphere got hyped up at the moment as some students supported their favorite lecturers, on the other hand, some of them supported their own friends. Isn't it sounds exciting? So, wondering who will be winner of the day? Continue to read on this post & you will find out! ;)

Mr.Philip, our dearest Psychology lecturer 'psycho' everyone to support him! He must have a lot of student supporters since everyone screamed for him! Good one Mr.Philip on hyping up the crowd! 

Dr.Antoon (left) and Mr.Winston(right).

Students were cheering for their own supported teams.

Proudly introduce to you, our student team!

Mr.Pradeep flagged off for the InstaRace and the teams get set to go!

Are you ready?!

Students were reading the hint letter given to figure out their first station.

After the flag off ceremony for InstaRace, it was time for Media & VIP tour at The Grand Hall foyer area. VIPs got the first chance to experience all about social media and sports. There were activities like InstaClock, InstaCaps, InstaChallange which consisted InstaWall | Sumo | Spaceball. Mr.Jason Lo was having fun with every activities.

Mr. Nabil Jeffri participated the activities and games too!

As soon as we finished the tour, it was time to escort our VIPs. Let's have a group photo. From the left: Mr.Hardip (semester 4 Event Management class lecturer), Mr.Nabil Jeffri (National Youth Icon), Ms. Josephine (Dean of the School of Communication), Miss Thaera (proPassion Communications consultant/semester 6 PR Project lecturer) & Mr.Patrick Wee (Managing Director of MyPartners). Thank you for supporting CommFest 2012!

Not forgetting our Baby COCO! A very big thank you to Coco Kuala Lumpur  for sponsoring us vouchers & this super adorable mascot--Baby COCO :) Coco Kuala Lumpur are committed to inspire the world with their brand, and to serve innovative fresh drinks from Taiwan that are unique and innovative.

Back to the stage! One of the rare performances we all could see in Malaysia, brought to you by the Malaysian Yo-Yo Club  members. This club was first established in 21st Dec 2004 by 5 young & talented authentics who has been yoyo-ing since 1999. Check out M-Yo gathering every 2 weeks, Saturday at @ Sunway Pyramid or email them,

Check this out! Our Emcee of the day, Zack & participant of CommFest2012 were having fun at the InstaCaps station.

Not forgetting to check out more photos during InstaRace:

Lecturers were climbing inflatable rock wall.

The 1st runner up team:

Oscar from the second left, broadcasting student from Taylor's University School of Communication.

Participants eagerly to complete their mission to get place in InstaRace.

*Ding Dong* Clock has stroke and it was time for prize giving ceremony. The winner of InstaRace goes to the Staff Team! Congratulations! *Conffeti Pops* 

Ms Josephine was giving out medals and prizes to the winners! Congrats again to the champion team!

Student team from School of Communication got the 1st runner up! Congrats :)

At the mean time, other activities were still happening like 'hot pancakes on SALE'!! One of the interesting stations, Sumo game which participants are required to dress up in the appropriate attire as shown in the picture & the one who defeated the competitor wins!

InstaClock revealed surprises every hour, different games to be played and that was pretty interactive with the participants.

FaceComm! Make a wild guess on the Candy Balloon bursting time by writing on the huge Facebook wall and the winner could win away cash prize of RM777!!

Overall look of FaceComm :)

Status updated LIVE on our Facebook wall.

The Candy Burst that made most of the participants anticipated as the balloon became gradually bigger and lastly it burst with thousands of candies and chocolates. It's like partying in a candy world!

Oh, baby COCO spotted playing around with the crowds!

Tetris Battle LIVE!

Spaceball: Everyone had fun with it!

"I am not going to be defeated by you!"

Posing for InstaCaps: the Largest Instagram collage as the background.

Students posing with Dr.Antoon, one of the lecturers from Taylor's University School of Communication.

Performing Arts students from Taylor's University performed in Hallowen Style on our event day, 31st Oct 2012, everyone celebrates H A L L O W E N :)

Last but not least, the group photo of CommFest2012 crew. Students from Event Management class, semester 4 and of course us, the semester 6 PR Project proPassion Communications crew!! 

Thank you for everyone who supported and loved CommFest2012. We can only achieved with everyone's support. We really hope that you enjoyed CommFest2012 and see you again during CommFest2013. Cheers!